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Jiangsu Rongtai Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

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Mammalian cell (HEK293/CHO) transient expression service

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Service introduction
Domesticated mammalian cells are an important part of modern recombinant protein biotechnology. Mammalian cells have highly complex protein folding and post-translational modification mechanisms. The expressed recombinant proteins are closest to natural higher biological protein molecules in terms of molecular structure, physical and chemical properties and biological functions, and are more likely to obtain the same biological activity as natural molecules. The mammalian cell transient expression system of Rongtai Biological takes HEK293 cells and CHO cells as expression hosts, and can meet the needs of label removal, endotoxin removal, SEC-HPLC detection and analysis, and provide flexible and high-quality services for customers.
Service advantages
Optimized and efficient expression vector                  Various quality inspection methods to meet different needs
High density cell culture technology                           1000+protein expression and purification experience
Leading protein purification platform                         Specific high-throughput and large-scale protein expression
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