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Jiangsu Rongtai Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 9 / F, A7 Building, Hongfeng Science and Technology Park, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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Antibody customization development service

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Service introduction
Rongtai Biology has many years of experience in antibody development and production, and has a first-class antigen design and antibody development team, providing one-stop services from antigen preparation, animal immunity, antibody screening, ELISA kit development to antibody production, hybridoma sequencing, recombinant antibody expression, etc.
Advantages of antibody technology platform
Antibody preparation service
Antigen preparation service                                                               Rabbit monoclonal antibody preparation service
Standard rabbit polyclonal antibody preparation service                   ELISA kit development service
Standard mouse monoclonal antibody preparation service                Anti-idiotypic antibody preparation service
Rapid preparation of rabbit polyclonal antibody and mouse monoclonal antibody                  Hybridoma cell antibody gene sequencing service
WB/IHC guaranteed rabbit polyclonal antibody and mouse monoclonal antibody preparation service Flow antibody development service

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