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Recombinant Protein Expression

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Multifunctional fusion polypeptide and preparation method and application thereof


The invention discloses a fusion polypeptide, a preparation method and application thereof, belonging to the technical field of medicine. The fusion polypeptide of the present invention connects the TAT polypeptide sequence of the protein transduction domain at the C-terminus of the sequence of the diuretic polypeptide HKI, and synthesizes the HKI fusion protein transduction domain to construct a TAT-HKI fusion peptide, with the help of efficient transmembrane transport of TAT. The HKI rapidly penetrates the endometrium of the esophagus system and enters the body site, ensuring that the diuretic peptide sequence functions stably in the process of in vivo delivery, causing excessive excretion of the bollworm and death. The fusion polypeptide of the invention can enter the bollworm body through the natural feeding behavior of the cotton bollworm, and is highly efficient and stable expression in the body, exhibits a very strong poisonous killing activity, overcomes the defect of the virulence of the HKI via the insect digestive canal, and can be used for Preparation of drugs for the control of cotton bollworm.

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