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Antigen preparation service

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Service introduction
Obtaining high-quality antigens is one of the key factors for the success of antibody development. Rongtai Biotech can provide protein antigen and peptide antigen preparation services. The protein antigen has a more complete conformation. When the protein in the sample to be tested is in the natural conformation, the protein antigen immunity is preferred, such as the development of neutralizing antibodies. When the expression of full-length protein is difficult or there are other special requirements for detection specificity, peptide antigen is the only economic and practical choice. In addition, Rongtai Biology can also provide diverse immune means such as DNA, cells and insect viruses to solve the problem that protein antigens are difficult to recombine and express.
Service advantages
Professional protein recombinant expression production and purification technology, with four antigen expression platforms: HEK293, CHO, E.coli, and lnsect cell,
And nickel column purification, coupled receptor purification, coupled antibody purification, protein A/G purification, molecular sieve, hydrophobic chromatography, ion exchange, etc
Seed protein purification platform
The culture medium, efficient expression vector and high-density cell culture scheme with independent intellectual property rights can comprehensively improve the success rate of expression, and be customer oriented   Cost savings
1000+successful experience in protein expression and purification, all-round support for high-throughput and rapid production of antigen
service content
Peptide antigen preparation related services are not provided separately, but only together with antibody preparation services.

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