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Cell Strain Development

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The World Health Organization has no organic lesions in the body, but some states with altered functions are called "third states," and China calls them "sub-health states."


Sub-health refers to non-disease and non-health status. It is a sub-health status and it is a state between health and disease.


Therefore, there are titles such as "sub-health," "third state," "intermediate state," "disassociation," and "gray state."


In fact, people often say "chronic fatigue syndrome."


Because of its complex and diverse performance, there is no specific standardized diagnostic parameter in the world.


Due to the poor diet, living habits and environmental pollution in urban life, a large number of enzymes in the body are lost and toxins are deposited in the body, which affects the health of the body.


Preventive care advice


First, balanced nutrition


No one food can fully contain the nutrients the body needs.


Therefore, it is necessary to eat delicacies, drink milk, but also to eat coarse grains, grains, vegetables, fruits, so as to meet the scientific and rational balanced nutrition concept.


Reasonable diet, disease will occur less.


Second, protect sleep


Sleep is closely related to everyone's health.


Experts study that sleep should account for about 1/3 of human life.


Insufficient sleep caused by work or recreation has become the most common and serious problem affecting health.


Worthy of heightened vigilance, cross the heart to ensure adequate sleep.


Third, treat pressure


The reason why people feel tired is that emotions first make people nervous.


So learn to relax and free yourself from stress and fatigue.


It is necessary to establish a realistic goal orientation and avoid stress caused by the unrealistic expectations of the self.


People living in society, it is inevitable that there are many annoyances and twists and turns, must learn to meet various challenges, and maintain psychological balance through psychological adjustment.


Fourth, cultivate interest


Hobbies can increase your vitality and taste, make life more fulfilling, vibrant, colorful.


Healthy and beneficial cultural and recreational sports activities can not only cultivate self-cultivation, but also cultivate sentiment.


And can help treat some mental illnesses and prevent sub-health transformation.


V. Outdoor activities


Modern and highly developed material and cultural life has led some people to have air-conditioners, televisions and computers indoors and take cars out of doors.


So far from the sun and fresh air, often in a state of malaise and depression.


Excessive outdoor lighting, breathing fresh air with a higher concentration of negative oxygen ions is a great benefit for regulating the nervous system.


Six, there is a degree of diet


Overeating can cause obesity, stomach problems, and intestinal diseases. It is a more important cause of sub-health.


Refused gluttony, regular diet, gastrointestinal function can also function properly, balanced nutrition.


VII. Reasonably Arranging Work


Be good at cutting the work out, be good at grasping the time, sort it, and complete it one by one.


Do a reasonable time schedule, today's event is completed today.


Not only can it improve efficiency, reduce psychological pressure, but also increase sense of accomplishment.


VIII. Exercise prevention


Sub-health is the most common health condition for office workers who are currently inactive.


The poor physical fitness of women is mainly manifested in two aspects:


One is that the cardiopulmonary function is weak and the pulse frequency does not reach the normal value;


Second, the body is less flexible. One of the consequences is that it leads to puffiness, which affects the sensitivity and coordination of the body.


While worrying about their physical condition, many women complain that they are usually too busy and do not have time to work out.


Experts said that female friends can take simple fitness methods anytime, anywhere.

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